"Silicon Chemical Corporation is no longer actively engaged in the silicon business field and the owners and participants are now focused on other endeavors. We wish to thank our many clients and customers, employees and engineering partners for your support and cooperation without which our many successes over the past 25 years would have not been possible. Although not accepting any business related contacts we welcome opportunities to hear personally from all those we have met and worked with along the way." Thank You, Gary W. Phillips



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Silicon Chemical Corporation (SCC) - Services


SCC was formed to develop processes for the manufacture of silicon chemicals and to produce critical silicon materials, ceramics and intermediates for selected high tech industries, as well as provide technology and consulting services related to these pursuits.


SCC’s focus includes:

  • Trichlorosilane

  • Polysilicon

  • Organofunctional Silanes

  • Alkyl Silicates

  • Fume Silica

  • Advanced Ceramics


SCC provides an advanced technology package for silicon chemical and related manufacturing processes with polysilicon currently being primary among these.

SCC selects and integrates the various unit operations, process technologies and equipment types chosen to ensure the operability of the manufacturing plant and the efficient use of raw materials and energy.


The SCC process technology package:

  • Customized to the Client’s Specific Requirements

    • Product Purity

    • Raw Material Quality

    • Site Requirements


  • Novel Combination of Proven Technologies

    • Reduces Project Schedule and Time to Market

    • Provides Reliable Consistent Operation

    • Improves On-Stream Time


  • Advanced yet Simplified Process

    • Saves Capital and Operating Cost

    • Maximizes Raw Material and Energy Utilization

    • Protects the Community and the Environment

SCC teams with our clients and their engineering and construction providers in the overall transfer of technology throughout the life cycle of the project from programming and basic engineering through commissioning, start-up and beneficial operation. (Technology Transfer)









  • Project Feasibility

  • Market Study

  • Technology Assessment

  • Process Development

  • Project Definition

  • Basis of Design

  • Site Selection

  • Recruiting and Training

  • Operating and Maintenance Procedures




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Silicon Chemical Corporation is an Oregon Corporation Incorporated in 1991  

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