"Silicon Chemical Corporation is no longer actively engaged in the silicon business field and the owners and participants are now focused on other endeavors. We wish to thank our many clients and customers, employees and engineering partners for your support and cooperation without which our many successes over the past 25 years would have not been possible. Although not accepting any business related contacts we welcome opportunities to hear personally from all those we have met and worked with along the way." Thank You, Gary W. Phillips



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Silicon Chemical Corporation (SCC) - Project Simulation


The SCC process modeling capability is unique in the industry. It enables the most efficient unit operation design, and plant integration.

The process simulation is done with a variety of tools which are, tailored to the client’s needs and process. Some modeling tools are developed in house, and others are off-the-shelf commercial packages. The SCC approach is to use the most effective model for each part of the process; this often requires multiple software packages be employed in one plant design.



“Tracked Species Count Sample. The number in the star is the count of non-zero species tracked in the stream or block. This flow sheet is an example of one integration project that SCC worked on. The number of tracked species from your project may vary depending on process conditions.”



The SCC physical property library is likely the only one like it in the world for modeling silicon containing chemicals. Many species of interest for silicon processes are not contained in standard chemical databases. Some of the chemical species in standard databases have incorrect information. SCC has used experimental data to correct the standard database data, and has generated data for missing compounds for all of the relevant chemical species in the process.

The distillation modeling at SCC is a perfect marriage of thermodynamics and experience. Based on experimental data from operating chemical plants, the SCC distillation model has been validated and developed meticulously so that it can track and model the removal of trace species. Some purification columns in chlorosilane processing are complex and have a non-standard operation. SCC understands how to run, model, and control such distillation columns. The SCC purification philosophy is to understand the chemical forms a final impurity takes throughout the process, then design the processes to effectively remove it. This knowledge is incorporated into the Nonequilibrium (rate-based) distillation model, because the column separations are the primary contaminant removal pathway. SCC provides a wealth of distillation column data customized to the client’s particular process.


Such data includes:

  • Tray-by-tray liquid and vapor flow rates and composition

  • Temperature and pressure profiles in the column

  • Reboiler and condenser duties

  • Tower diameter and tray spacing

  • Sampling ports and strategy

  • Furthermore the SCC distillation modeling can

  • Assist during start-up

  • Minimize wasted energy and material

  • Design to handle upset conditions

  • Understand turn down and alternate operation modes


“Liquid Phase Tower Composition Profile. This plot shows the liquid phase compositions in a tower separating trichlorosilane from silicon tetrachloride. Minor constituents have been omitted from the chart for purposes of presentation simplification.”


The fluidized bed reactor model is heavily experienced based. SCC has based its reactor design on well proven technology with the fundamental principles of safe operation, simple design, and reliable service. The SCC design allows a high degree of on-stream time, superior chemical conversion efficiency, and a lower construction expense compared with other designs.




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