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Silicon Chemical Corporation (SCC) was formed in 1991 and incorporated in the State of Oregon to develop processes for the manufacture of silicon chemicals and to produce critical silicon chemicals, ceramics and intermediates for selected high tech industries, as well as provide consulting services related to these pursuits.


SCC’s approach has been based on a unique combination of known open source technologies and non proprietary standard industrial processes from multiple sources and fields, with SCC combining them in novel ways to derive special material processing benefits.


SCC found that various metal and chemical industries have remained in relative isolation from one another with respect to the chemical engineering of their manufacturing processes, often leaving unexplored opportunities for process improvement to provide cost, quality and environmental benefits.


SCC has developed processes which, under many reaction and purification-specific variations, can provide substantial reductions in cost and environmental risk and yet improved material quality and operational safety in a number of industrial settings.


This feat has not and will not require breakthrough research and development for implementation. However, research projects now underway or planned in the near future are anticipated to yield leading edge processes and products which will enhance and solidify SCC’s technology position. Computer simulations of a number of silicon manufacturing processes, for example trichlorosilane (TCS), are now being performed to accelerate these efforts.



Silicon Chemical Corporation - Consulting Services 

A Partner for the Development of Your New Polysilicon / Silicon Chemical Facility



We at Silicon Chemical Corporation, SCC have a unique staff with over 100 years of collective experience in the process development, design and construction of polysilicon and silicon chemical process facilities including trichlorosilane ( TCS ), silicontetrachloride ( STC ), and related silicon source chemicals. 

In addition to having engineers and technologists that have designed silicon manufacturing facilities, we at SCC have a specialized group of personnel that have worked directly for silicon manufacturers and have experience in the operation and maintenance of these facilities.  

This experience, unique to SCC, will allow for an accelerated technical transfer and project schedule. Clients can anticipate superior performance in the process development, design, construction and operation of their new polysilicon or silicon chemical facility as a result of employing key SCC staff having first hand familiarity with the safety and environmental issues, chemistry and process technology involved.

Working with your team SCC can quickly develop the required information the various project team members need to avoid delays and keep them productive and working to complete their assigned tasks. We merge your resources and know-how efficiently into a cost-effective project delivery model that has been proven on many similar projects.

SCC maintains a focus on plant start-up and plant operation from the very beginning of the project and through out the duration to ensure appropriate engineering, procurement and construction in sequence and that the client's goals are met.

SCC can assist in the selection and integration of the various unit operations, process technologies and equipment types chosen to help ensure the operability of the polysilicon plant and the efficient use of raw materials and energy. We maintain a collaborative work process with our client's staff, their selected engineer, construction contractor, technology providers and equipment vendors.

SCC involvement becomes valuable as well for the recruiting and training of plant operators, the development of operating and maintenance procedures, and the commissioning, start up and initial operation of the plant. Integration of operating and maintenance knowledge is essential for the safe and efficient production of silicon chemicals and polysilicon. 

Having first hand experience with the many difficulties that can arise in silicon chemical and  high purity silicon production, SCC staff are well prepared to assist clients in conveying the stringent, safety, environmental, and quality requirements to management and production workers recruited for operation of the facility. 

Beyond engineering and construction, SCC can become an extension of a client’s operating and maintenance personnel during the critical days of initial operation and into the future as clients see a need for, and value in, our involvement. Once we are engaged as a project partner we are totally committed to the success of our client and his project.


Silicon Chemical Corporation can assist you with:


Project Feasibility

Market Study

Technology Assessment

Process Development

Project Definition

Basis of Design

Site Selection

Recruiting and Training

Operating and Maintenance Procedures



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Trichlorosilane Process Development

Computer modeling of a number of silicon manufacturing processes, for example the trichlorosilane (TCS) reaction process, as depicted below, are now being performed by SCC to optimize the design of the fluid bed reactor. Modeling goals seek to improve reaction yields, minimize byproduct formation and waste disposal requirements.     


SCC Tool Development


A variety of different technological approaches can be employed for each of the unit operations and functional manufacturing areas within a Polysilicon facility. Adopting a given approach for a unit operation or functional area gives rise to specific requirements and needs that must be met in the balance of the plant.


Recognizing the need to integrate these functional areas and to efficiently balance the many recycle process streams, SCC has been focusing efforts on developing simulation and modeling tools to facilitate this integration, balance process flows, and improve plant design.








Silicon Chemical was incorporated in the State of Oregon


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