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SCC Technology and Project Approach

SCC Advantage


TCS Production

Simplified TCS Fluidized Bed Reactor and Scrubber/ Settler Design.

  1. Reduced capital expense due to less equipment as compared to conventional design.

  2. Reduced operating expense due to a simplified process which results in minimal downtime.

  3. Superior performance:

    • High MGS/TCS conversion.

    • Minimal DCS production.

    • Minimal chlorosilane heavies production.

  1. $15 million capital savings.

  2. 10% reduction in operating cost (energy, utilities, labor, materials) as compared to conventional design.

TCS Purification

Customized purification train designed to remove key impurity species down to ppb levels.

  1. SCC’s unique proprietary distillation design model allows for proper removal of key impurities in the TCS while minimizing waste.

  2. Non-conventinal control methodology based upon real world operating experience is utilized.

  3. The combination of 1 and 2 above allows for a reduction in capital expense since one (possibley two) less distillation columns are needed to achieve the desired purity (as compared to conventional designs).

  1. $10 million in capital savings due to reduction in number of distillation columns.

  2. Capital savings of ~$5 million due to elimination of DCS recovery step.

  3. 10% reduction in operating cost (energy, utilites, labor, materials).

Distillation Section of PCS Reactor and STC Convertor Effluent Gas Recovery Area

Customized separation and purification of effluent gas recovery chlorosilanes.

  1. SCC’s customized purification equipment is designed to allow for optimal separation of TCS, STC, and other chlorosilane species coming from the effluent gas recovery systems. SCC’s technology provides the following:

    • Recognition and provisions for removal of additional impurities introduced inside the bell jar reactors and subsequent process equipment.

    • TCS purity as good as or better than the product TCS from the main purification train.

    • Path for removal of chlorosilane heavies while minimizing the loss of STC.

  1. Customized process will result in less off spec material recycled to feed the polysilicon reactors. Less re-work of TCS and less low grade polysilicon produced. Overall results = 10% more output of on-spec product as compared to alternative.

  2. 10% reduction in operating cost (energy, utilities, labor, materials).

Process Model / Integration

Detailed model and point to point process material balance for the entire polysilicon production plant.

  1. The process model provides a tool to measure and evaluate the impact of the following process variables:

    • Raw Materials. What quality is needed? What is the cost of “quality” in terms of raw material cost and the size and quantity of capital equipment within the process due to the raw material choice made?

    • Intermediate stream utilization and waste minimization. What can be sold as a byproduct? If a stream cannot be sold, what are the options for treatment and disposal? What streams can be recovered or recycled? What impact will a recycle or recovery stream have on the final product quality?

    • Polysilicon production quality. What are the impacts on the quantity and size of capital equipment based on a given quality? What are the impacts on waste production due to a given product quality?

  1. 10% overall capital expense reduction for TCS production, purification, and effluent gas recovery due to proper design and sizing of equipment.

  2. Improves overall design process through basic and detailed engineering. Possible reduction in project schedule of 1-2 months.

  3. Results in a simplified design that is more easily operated reducing operating labor and maintenance cost by 10-15%.




SCC Technology and Project Approach

SCC Advantage


Critical operating parameters

  1. TCS production parameters.

  2. Purification train parameters.

  3. Sources of contamination.

  1. Example: proper Scrubber Settler operation to prevent AlCl3 deposition and plugging.

  2. Optimal column pressure addressing safety issues and utility usage optimization. In addition, column performance is optimized for separation of impurities due to changing relative volatilities with pressure.

  3. Recognition and knowledge that impurity sources come from locations within the process as well as incoming streams.

  1. See TCS Production above.

  2. 5% reduction in cooling and heating per column with safety and performance considered.

  3. With impurity sources recognized and systems in place to address, 20% less off specification materials and product to be reprocessed.

Recycle Stream Management

Permanent recycle piping recommendations included with the technology package.

  1. Recognition of sources of contamination and methods of removal.

  2. Operational experience allowing a full understanding of the potential for process upsets, the impact of the upsets, and how to recover quickly from the upsets.

  1. See #3 under “critical operating parameters”

  2. Quicker recovery from upset conditions. Reprocessing times reduced by 20%.

Preventative Maintenance

Recommended programs based on operational experience.

  1. The TCS production process has several known failure points. These locations (piping, etc.) are treated as consumables and replaced at a fixed interval.

  2. Pipe and vessel wall thickness testing programs.

At least 1 less unplanned TCS production shutdown per year.





SCC Technology and Project Approach

SCC Advantage


Teaming relationship based approach

The SCC approach is to team with our clients and their engineering and construction providers in the overall transfer of technology throughout the life cycle of the project from programming and basic engineering through commissioning, start-up, and beneficial operation to produce a quality product in an efficient and safe manner.

SCC’s approach allows for an efficient flow of our superior technology and years of polysilicon production experience. As a result, problems can be anticipated in advance, thus reducing the occurrence and impact of project delays.

3 month (~10%) overall reduction in the length of the project.




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