"Silicon Chemical Corporation is no longer actively engaged in the silicon business field and the owners and participants are now focused on other endeavors. We wish to thank our many clients and customers, employees and engineering partners for your support and cooperation without which our many successes over the past 25 years would have not been possible. Although not accepting any business related contacts we welcome opportunities to hear personally from all those we have met and worked with along the way." Thank You, Gary W. Phillips



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About Silicon Chemical Corporation (SCC) and Our Approach


Incorporated in 1991

Extensive experience in Si & Si chemical process development & manufacturing

Trichlorosilane production & purification experts

Strong management team

Over 100 yrs. of hands on polysilicon experience

Theoretical modeling confirmed by practical engineering experience

SCC technology reduces capital equipment & operating cost

Maintains quality, & enhances safety & environmental control

Overall plant model design w/ proper integration of various functional areas

Raw material recovery

Maintain production deadline

Anticipate potential problem areas

Client's success = SCC's success


SCC has a strong yet lean management team with extensive experience in all aspects of silicon and silicon chemical process development and manufacturing. In particular SCC experience in the production and purification of trichlorosilane is second to none.

SCC was incorporated in 1991 (Certificate) with many of the original team members continuing to be active today. SCC’s development of our current offering in polysilicon technology is a natural extension of the consulting work SCC has undertaken for many years.

Fundamental to SCC technology is simplification. SCC staff has many years of polysilicon experience (100+) dedicated to hands on process improvement. This evolutionary experience over several decades has yielded understanding and know-how which results in designs that require less capital equipment and operating cost while maintaining quality and enhancing safety and environmental control. Maintaining on stream time and overall equipment operability is the key to these results.

SCC believes that new entrants to the polysilicon business require more than a technology book. A collection of documents and design criteria is necessary but not sufficient for a successful entry into what is a complex and challenging field with significant elements of art that are not widely understood.

The SCC approach is to team with our clients and their engineering and construction providers in the overall transfer of technology throughout the life cycle of the project from programming and basic engineering through commissioning, start-up and beneficial operation to produce a quality product in an efficient and safe manner.

Proper integration of the various functional areas within a polysilicon plant is a must to attain a robust design that can maintain a quality product at a competitive price. A fully integrated design that recycles and recovers the raw materials is essential.

SCC has developed an overall plant model that facilitates this integration by identifying and tracking the many low level contaminates in the process streams such that they can be purged from the process to keep quality high with a minimum loss of material and generation of waste to the environment.

With the lengthy schedule required for the design and construction of polysilicon plants it is essential to avoid problems that could retard the project at each and every phase. The fact that polysilicon plants must produce some of the highest purity products known within a large scale, hazardous and heavy chemical plant environment makes schedule reduction a challenging goal.

SCC’s extensive experience in these facilities including the design, construction and operation of polysilicon plants help our clients keep their project on track by anticipating the potential problem areas and introducing measures to avoid these problems as well as mitigate adverse conditions that do occur.

SCC is a relationship based company that derives its’ success from the success of our clients and is confident that we can be a strong contributor to your polysilicon project and a valuable asset in each phase of project development. SCC is committed to our client’s, not only for today but into the future as your long term technology partner for growth, optimization and improvement.




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Silicon Chemical Corporation is an Oregon Corporation Incorporated in 1991  

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